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Shoot Game Prototype

2015-08-12 10:59:52 by fabian-jarrett

Check out my prototype (Html5)

Let me know what you think!


<WASD> Move

<Left Click> Shoot

Shoot as many red people as you can.

You die if the red people touch you.

Touch blue people to get more ammo.

- Took away screen-shake when shooting and getting ammo.
- Faster bullets.
- Hold left mouse to shoot instead of click.
- Don't need to press right mouse to get ammo now.
- More blue people.
- Removed background colours.


Woof Blaster

2015-06-30 11:19:02 by fabian-jarrett

My game is almost done.

Please follow me on Twitter to keep up to date: @flabby__fabby



Woof Blaster - DEMO

2015-06-18 16:05:07 by fabian-jarrett

Please play my PC-Windows demo of Woof Blaster. I need feedback!

Here's the download

Here's gameplay video


Woof Blaster - Update

2015-06-08 14:02:36 by fabian-jarrett

Just a quick update

Here's some animations of what I've developed in Woof Blaster so far. I'm quickly making the game with GameMaker: Studio then I will be making it better with HaxeFlixel. That way I can port it to a lot more platforms.

Please remember that the game is still in early stages so the artwork will be improved when it is complete.




One of the boss battles. 6 in total.




The death of the dog. I like how the gun becomes seperate.




Enemies that shoot.. a lot!




Another enemy. Bullets are more like bubbles.




How the levels change when the bosses are defeated.

Woof Blaster - Weapons and Power-ups

2015-06-03 13:55:15 by fabian-jarrett

New Game

My new game I'm developing at the moment is called Woof Blaster. It involves a dog, with hover boots and a gun that defeats spawns of enemies for some goal I havn't thought of yet. You will have the chance to upgrade weapons, use power-ups and transform into some wacky monsters.



The first lot of weapons include: regular-fast, cone-shape and sine-wave. Pretty simple but I need to work on the placement of the bullets when spawning them.












The second lot include: big-slow, grenades, 3-way (2-way on ground) and sword-slash. The art work is rough but I can clean that up another time.















The power-ups will only work once you get enough kills or points. You will activate them by using the left and right shoulder button or A and S on the keyboard. You get different power-ups by getting the relevant icons that randomly appear for a short amount of time.

So far I've only made the left hand power-ups that include: protect-star, boomberang, black-hole and ball-n-chain. I will make the right hand power-ups hopefully tomorrow.




I would love to hear what people have to say about my game so far. Any input will help me out a lot. I will try get a demo up to testing as soon as it's playable.

Feel free to PM me any time or better yet follow me on Twitter, @flabby__fabby.

I quit my boring factory job last week for many reasons. One of them being that I want to make games for a living. From now on I'm going to try and make little crappy games and see if I can make anything good from them. I'll be doing it full time and I hope it all turns out good for me.

I've been messing around with the idea of a dog shooting stuff with hover boots. Not sure how it will be. So far it looks cool.


Spawns of enemies will come and must be defeated to carry on. Might have the whole game in one room.


Clip of my Jump game

2015-04-24 09:07:16 by fabian-jarrett

This is what I've made of my game so far. Flying and shooting blocks.

Jump/Fly Game

2015-04-23 14:48:49 by fabian-jarrett

This my first concept picture of the character for my game that will involve unlimited jumping/flying.


I'm not sure of the colours yet.

I made a game called Carl the Cat for Android and released it for free in January this year.


Google Play Store | Amazon Store

It was my first Android game. I learned a lot about game developing from this and I hope to use my experiences to create better games.


I was gonna do a platformer game but it didn't seem fun anymore so I needed to try a new project.

I tried to make a game as fast as I could (2 hours) that was still addictive. I was gonna just upload it there and then but then I decided to spend the time I have to do it up and make it more pleasing to the eye.

I am almost there! I just need music, sfx and sort out a background. Hopefully I will be done by the end of the week.

I will then upload it on to Flash Game Licencing to get it sponsored.

Here's the logo for the game, It's called Speedway Spaceship.

New Game [Speedway Spaceship]